Governmental Information Security Center

The Governmental Information Security Center is a center for the National Information Center responsible for securing government information infrastructure and e-government services. The Center was established in 2017 within the units of the Director General, which includes a group of specialists in the fields of information security and works in cooperation with partners in various state institutions to enhance the confidence of Sudanese citizens in e-government services and ensure the privacy and security of government data in various stages of processing.
Our vision

Increase awareness about cyber threads among the public.
Access to a safe and secure government environment.

Our Message

To promote awareness of information security and make the most of the advanced technology without prejudice to the principles and values of the Sudanese society.

Our Mission

Protecting the digital assets of the government and ensuring the flow of electronic services in addition to maintaining data and privacy and combating electronic crime and finally cooperate and coordinate with institutions regionally and internationally.

Our partners

Governmental Institutions.
Data Center.
Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).



General tips and guidelines

General Security Policies

Enterprise security policy

Purpose:   Define the requirements and controls for the security of the institution through the comprehensive perspective of the senior management

  • Managers of departments
  • The rest of the staff
The agreed usage policy

Purpose:   Define the acceptable behavior of the employee, which is necessary to achieve the confidentiality, continuity and safety of both systems, equipment and information

  • Permanent staff
  • Contract holders, consultants and sellers
  • Third parties
Security awareness policy

Purpose:   Keep employees abreast of security policy developments that are changing at an amazing speed

  • All staff

Know more about general and detailed security policies


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